Hoen Taylor

About Hoen Taylor

I’m a Christian, a science geek, a writer, and an incurable tinkerer.

I’ve built giant industrial robots, created video games, built sets for professional theater, and shoveled manure for a living. I love technology and the challenge of explaining it in simple terms.

I always wanted to be one of the only survivors of some disaster that wiped out everyone else on earth. You could live in a mansion, set off explosives for fun, and fly a helicopter. Or just sit around all day and eat Doritos. But all the existing post-apocalyptic movies and books are about fighting off zombies and mutants and being grimy all the time.

“I wish someone would would write a post-apocalyptic book that’s fun!” I would say, and then promptly forget about it.

My epiphany came when I was reading a popular fantasy novel that just got more and more annoying until I threw the book across the room and shouted, “I could write a better book than this!”

Instead of just dreaming about it, I did it. I attended writing conferences, wrote drafts, got feedback from readers, and revised and revised. The result is Fixer, a cheerful post-apocalyptic science-fiction magical fantasy romance novel. With explosions.

Now, where did I put those Doritos?


Although Fixer is provided for free online, the contents are not public domain. If you want someone else to be able to read the book, please send them the URL for this site, rather than giving them copies of the book. The contents of this web site are copyright 2024 by Hoen Taylor. Copying, distributing, republishing any of the content in any form without written consent is prohibited.


For feedback or questions about Fixer or this web site, please email hoen@hoentaylor.com